We Need You!A total of 47 teaching positions open!

BY:Hu Xinyun

Edited BY:Li Shiyu



Signing Up:


Since the recruitment is announced until April 30 in 2020 (except for A19-20-47 position), applicants can sign up and upload materials online. Candidates can login on the signing up system of public recruitment at CAA, register with accurate information, and choose position to apply. (Signing up: http://zp.caa.edu.cn:8080/zpNew/index.do). One applicant can only choose one position to sign up and CAA 2020 Public Recruitment Application Form will be formed. The Application Form shall be emailed to zp@caa.edu.cn with signing up materials named “Applying Position code + Your Name). Otherwise, the application is invalid.


Signing up materials:

  1. Scanned Copy of ID card; (Passport or Mainland Travel Permit)
  2. Scanned Copy of Certificate of degree and diploma.
  3. Representative academic achievements (Not less than four pieces of thesis/treatise matching discipline or major requirements of applying positions from A19-20-35 to A19-20-38 and from A19-20-41 to A19-20-46. Four original works and not less than two pieces of thesis/treatise are required for the rest of positions).
  4. Other required supporting materials. (See Attachment)

5.Other Academic achievements (including personal painting or design works album, representative thesis, research achievements, and prizes)


Documents, painting or design works are required in PDF, audio material needs to be in wave or MP3, video materials are in 3GP、MOV、AVI、FLV、MP4 or rmvb. Other supporting materials for academic achievements can be uploaded in signing up system. Applicants shall be responsible for authenticity of uploaded materials.


The expert evaluation team of CAA will evaluate on materials provided by applicants and decide the candidates for the next round.


Next Round: Test on Expertise (Exhibition) and Interview.


Result Proposition:

Full score of test on expertise and interview is 100 respectively. The final score is composed of 80% of test score on expertise and 20% of interview score. Candidates are selected for the next round of interview based on test score on expertise (exhibition) with a ratio of 1:2. Interview score shall be not below 60 and anyone whose score is under 60 cannot enter the next round.



Candidates will be interviewed on working experience, level of matching applying position, expertise, academic achievements, and potential. Candidates are selected for the next round of physical examination and internship based on interview score with a ratio of 1:1. At least a two-week internship is required



If you have any questions on recruitment, you can directly contact the Human Resources office.

Address: Human Resources office, Room 1A312 of Nanshan Campus of CAA (Nanshan Road 218#, Hangzhou) (postcode: 310002)

Tel: 0571-87164617 (Teacher Pan and Teacher Tan), 0571-87164784 (Teacher Lu, Teacher Gu and Teacher Tan).

Email: zp@caa.edu.cn


About CAA:

China Academy of Art (CAA), formerly known as the National Academy of Art, was founded in 1928 by the renowned educator and scholar, Cai Yuanpei. Located beside the West Lake of Hangzhou, the Academy was established as the first ever comprehensive national art institution of higher education in China.


In 2015, the Academy was listed as the first batch of national key universities. In 2016, the Academy has been approved to be jointly-administrated by Zhejiang Provincial Government, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture. In 2017, the Academy was selected among universities which will participate in a national 'Double First-Class' initiative. The Discipline of Fine Art was included in the construction plan of the National First-Rate Disciplines and listed as a National Key Discipline. In the fourth round of national disciplines evaluation, the Discipline of Fine Art and Discipline of Design was rated A+, ranking first nationally; the Discipline of Art Theory was rated A-, ranking third nationally and the Discipline of Drama Film and Television was rated B+, ranking sixth nationally.


Currently, CAA has three campuses in Hangzhou and Shanghai: Nanshan, Xiangshan, Zhangjiang, and the new Liangzhu Campus.


Check the attachment for more information and details of the positions!


  附件: Public Recuritment of China Academy of Art 2020 (Full-Time Teacher).xlsx