The Mascot of the Hangzhou2020 Asian ParaGames Named "Feifei" Designed by CAA Young Teacher Li Jie has been unveiled


Edited BY:Li Shiyu



The mascot for the Hangzhou2022 Asian ParaGames, which was designed by CAA teacher Li Jie, was unveiled on April 16. The design of “Feifei” 🕊🕊was inspired by the motif of the “Divine Bird” in Liangzhu culture. Extending from her wings to her cheeks is a pattern typical of Liangzhu art, with the raised wings showing her dynamic beauty.
The first “fei” means “flying bird”, implying inclusiveness, respect, and human fraternity. And the second “fei” represents the mental tenacity of athletes with disabilities pursuing their dreams and pushing themselves to the limit.