Near Future: Possible Life | 2020 Intermedia Art Festival


Edited BY:TangRenbo



The 2020 Intermedia Art Festival is on “Near Future: Possible life”. It is a proactive invitation we write and send, with art and imagination, for the future.

As is known to all, the outbreak of COVID19 in early2020 interwinds with the perplexing and escalating Sino-US trade friction, which, in addition to drastically changing our lives, misleads almost the whole world into an unprecedented, atypical and surreal ambience. The existing perception of us, of youngsters in particular, about “daily life”becomes questionable: “daily life”is spotlighted as a question, while stability and consistency seem to be no longer an unalterable feature of it. Hence, what have been ensnared into bewilderment and intensive uncertainty are our feeling about future, our judgement of historical paths, and even our values and worldviews that we at least have long got used to, if not have almost become our instinct.

The sensation of uncertainty and insecurity lingers on. For the upcoming years, such a discomfort might accompany us like a “New Normal”. In facing the “New Normal” and problems it gives birth to, also as a positive response to the special challenge of our era, the School of Intermedia Art (SIMA) of China Academy of Art invites a wide spectrum of modern artists to join the SIMA students and make the first move to send out an invitation for future and a challenge against uncertainty - through this festival, we utilize imagination, creativity, action, as well as forward-looking vision and artistic approach, to explore people's Possible Life in the Near Future perspective.

What is Near Future? In general, Near Future refers to a time conception that calibrates science fictions, meaning “not long in the future” (in the framework of sci-fi, it refers to the understandable human world 100 years after “the present”). Here today, however, our Near Future is not about sci-fi, at least not all about sci-fi. Principally, Near Future is a historical conception which unfolds to those who believe time flows endlessly like a long river; it is not just dwelling in the reality that about to happen, but it is also a reality that can change and or be changed. Thus for us Near Future is an operable object and a methodology to practice - we participate in reality through creation, and add up to it through imagination. With constant efforts directed to creation and exhibition, we are confident that we are not just participating in the practice of shaping the future, but we are exerting our influence, more or less, on the present about to come as per our own will and imagination, and eventually outlining our own “Possible Life”.

Furthermore, Near Future is critical because it not just injects courage and drives us to take the initiative to model the future, but also the present and the past. More often than not, we calibrates the present by history study, while actually we may be able to define or stipulate our present behaviors in describing possible future paths and states. Near Future provides us a spatial angle to perceive time. We may even throw a whole new understanding of history, of the seemingly definite “facts” in the past, if not remodeling them. Once we approach the present in the Near Future logic, the past, the present and the future seem to be laying open in front of us synchronically, interwinding, intervening, backfeeding, and mutual-shaping each other. In this way we obtain enlightenment and knowledge to connect the dots of the past, present and future, and thus we might mold the seemingly “destined” pattern of presence of both ourselves and the multitudes, actively and entirely. In a nutshell, Near Future is at the same time a positive concept and a realistic one.

Using Near Future as a methodotic tool, we actively envision/design the future through creative practice, thereby creating the future. A range of artistic creations, curations and large-scale exhibition activities will be threw out for in-depth exchanges and dialogue with the audience and the public, injecting positive vitality, optimistic hope and fearless courage for the yet to come but about to come “Possible Life”.

The 2020 International Intermedia Arts Festival will be held on October 31, 2020 at the picturesque shore of Dong Qianhu Lake, Ningbo, China. The ten-day long festival will consist of two exhibition areas, six exhibition sections and international academic seminars. The two exhibition areas are the Hanling Exhibition Area and the Dongqian Lake Education Forum Zhang Yonghe Artist Studio Community Exhibition Area. The six exhibition sections include the International Intermedia Art Invitation Exhibition, the International Youth Video Art Exhibition, the “Wormhole Log" video exhibition, the "Firework Planet" installation exhibition, the Noosphere: Open Media Lab Show, and the intermedia megastructure DISEGNO. In the "International Intermedia Art Invitation Exhibition" section we will invite about 15 famous artists, from eight countries and regions, to present their works, and in the International Youth Video Art Exhibition you are delightedly invited to enjoy about 30 short video artworks we select from young artists around the world.