Regulations for International Students Admission of PhD. Degree Students at China Academy of Art,2021


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Regulations for International Students Admission of PhD. Degree Students at China Academy of Art,2021


China Academy of Art (CAA, international code: 10355),formerly known as the National Art Institute, was founded in 1928. It is a comprehensive college of fine art with complete academic specialties. It is under the supervision of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Education, and People's Government of Zhejiang Province. It is also among the list of National “Building ‘Dual World-Class’ Universities ”Project. The discipline of fine art is listed under the "First-class Discipline Construction Project". CAA is authorised to award bachelor, master and doctor's degree, as well as to host a post-doctoral research centre. Currently the academy has eleven schools and two centers are recruiting international students for master and doctor degrees, including the School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, School of Painting, School of Design, School of Intermedia Arts(SIMA), School of Sculpture and Public Art, School of Film and Animation, School of Architecture, School of Arts and Humanities, School of Crafts, School of Art Administration and Education,  International College,Visual China Innovation Center and Design Industry Innovation Center. CAA is located in Zhejiang which is one of China's most developed provinces in economics and cultures. The Nanshan Campus sits beside the West Lake while the Xiangshan Campus rests at the foot of the Xiangshan Mountain. With exquisite serenity, CAA is a sanctuary for the practice and study of arts. More than one thousand international students from around ninety countries are studying here.



1. Applicants must non-Chinese citizens with good physical and mental health condition suitable for the program.

2. Educational background and age:

(1) Applicants of PhD(full time) must have a Master degree.

(2) Applicants of PhD(full time) must be less than 55years old. (Applicants for Chinese government scholarship must be less than 40 years old.)

3. Applicants who have given up their original Chinese citizenship and become foreign citizens, shall provide the documents certifying thr cancellation of Chinese nationality,according to the policy of Ministry of Education of the PRC.

4.If the applicant has acquired foreign citizenship automatically at the time of birth in a foreign country, whose parents are both Chinese citizens, or one of the parents is a Chinese citizen, the review of applicant’s application will be implemented according to the No.210 [2008] Article issued by Exit-Entry Administration Office, Provincial Public Security Bureau, Zhejiang Province.(Reminder: Chinese nationality should be cancelled in case of the above)


II. Documents for application

1.CAA International Students Application Information Form. Please login International College, CAA website ( to fill out and submit online.

2. One 35×53mm colored ID digital photo of the applicant, full face without hat. (Photo reference format: color 3.5*5.3cm bareheaded ID photo, white background without border, head takes up 2/3 of photo size, photo size not less than 320*240 pixels, aspect ratio 4:3, size 100-500kb, JPG format.)

3. Scan copy of applicant's passport (personal information page).

4. Applicants who have foreign citizenship at birth, whose parents are both Chinese citizens at birth, or whose one parent is a Chinese citizen, must submit:

Their foreign birth certificate in foreign countries;

② Certificate of Chinese Citizenship Cancellation or documents certifying parents(with Chinese Citizenship) permanent residence in foreign country before the birth of the applicants.

5.Residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who immigrated to a foreign country must submit:Certificate of Chinese Citizenship Cancellation.

6. Notarized highest diploma. Students should provide certificate of student status. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

7. Certificate of Non-criminal Record.

8. Transcripts: Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

9. Study or research plan in CAA: in Chinese or English.

(Attachment 1:  附件: Research Plan for Ph.D Degree.docx)

10. Recommendation letters. letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from two professors or associate professors.(Attachment 2: Expert Recommendations  附件: Expert Recommendation.docx)

11. Applicants must provide application letter and portfolio according to the requirements of the major they are applying for (the content of the application letter must include the content of the dissertation topic required by the relevant major, as detailed in the major catalog, at least 1,000 words; students applying for art theory must submit a dissertation of at least 2,000 words related to their major. Other applicants must provide a portfolio of works related to the major they are applying for; the name of the work and the size of the work must be marked at the bottom of each work).(Attachment 3: China Academy of Art PhD Programs 2021 (International Students)  附件: Ph.D Degree Programs of China Academy of Art, 2021.pdf)

12. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form(  附件: 外国人体格检查表FOREIGNER PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM.pdf). The original should be kept by the applicant. The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Please provide a list of chest X-ray pictures and blood test reports.Incomplete records or those without signature of physician or official stamp of hospital, applicant’s photograph with no check mark are NOT acceptable. Please choose appropriate time to take medical examination due to 6-months validity of the medical results.

13. Scan copy of tuberculosis Examination Report. Applicants must be tested for Tuberculosis in a certified hospital or laboratory. The results are valid for six months.

14. CAA programs in Chinese should also submitted: Photocopy of valid HSK 5 certificate (Applicants for Chinese government scholarship must submit HSK level 4 or above Chinese proficiency certificate; For those who have reached HSK 4 but not HSK 5, they need to take Chinese preparatory course at International College of CAA in the first year). The original copy must be submitted after admission.

15. Bank transfer receipt for the RMB 800 application fee (payment through online bank is NOT available ). (Account link: indicate the applicant's name.


(1)Application material and application fee will NOT be returned regardless of the result of application.

(2)All the above materials must be in Chinese or English, and notarized Chinese or English translations are required for texts other than Chinese and English.

(3)CAA may ask applicants to submit supplementary materials or take video/in-person interviews.

(4)All of the above application materials must be completed and submitted online in the official CAA website for International Students (

(5)Please do not send paper application materials by mail or email. Materials sent by either method will not be reviewed and processed.


III. Time To Apply

1. February 1st, 2021May 31th, 2021.( Applicants for the Chinese Government Scholarship, please submit your application materials before April 5, 2021)

2.  From January 15, 2021 to March 7, 2021 is the school winter holiday. Application materials submitted during this period will be processed after the new semester begins.       


IV. How to Apply

Online application: please submit all your application materials in the official CAA website for International Students: (


V. Acceptance

The program plans to accept 20 students. The actual number will be posted by CAA Recruitment Committee.


VI. Admission Process

The selection method of "preliminary examination + interview" is implemented in admission assessment.

The applicant in China Academy of Art(CAA) after complete the online application for international student enrollment system, by the  International College to qualification review of the applicant, through the first trial, conducted by professional faculty professional review and organize the interview (interviews unity in the form of online examination through the network to carry out the basic selection, mainly review the applicant's Chinese ability, professional ability, academic research ability, etc.), finally according to the results, a comprehensive evaluation on merit.

The interview time and method will be announced later.

Applicants can check the admission results in the international student admission system.


VII. Tuition Pre-payment

1. Within one month after passing the interview, CAA will send qualified students notification of pre-admission, and those are not admitted will receive no further information. Please login on the CAA International Student Admission Website to check your status of application.

2. After receiving per-admission notice, students must pre-pay the 1st year tuition via transfer to the given bank account ( of CAA before the deadline. Then please mail the scanned bank transfer receipt to:


(1) Please make sure that application information like the name of the applicant and major or area of study is noted on the bank receipt for confirmations purpose.

(2) Please make sure to keep your bank transfer receipt, it will be needed when registering at CAA.

(3) Formal admission letter, Visa application form (Form JW202) will be sent out in mid-July.

(4) Students who withdraw from enrollment for personal reasons will receive a 50% prepaid tuition refund.


VIII. Fees

1. Tuition: RMB68,000 per academic year per student.

2. Other fees will be charged upon enrollment.

3. Housing Accommodation Fee: RMB500, 600 or 700 per month. Accommodation fee of one academic year will be charged in full upon enrollment.


IX. Enrollment

1. Normal enrollment is in early September. Please refer to your formal Admission letter for exact time.

2. Students should apply for an X1 visa at the Chinese Embassy with your valid passport, formal Admission letter, and JW202 Form.

3. Please enroll in CAA as per informed time in your formal Admission.When coming to enroll in CAA, please bring above documents(ie. passport, Admission, JW202) and X1 visa as well as the bank remittance receipt of the pre-paid tuition.Original Undergraduate Diploma or Master’s Degree and Diploma, Original HSK Certificate MUST all be provided upon enrollment.Those who have not obtained the corresponding certificate will be disqualified from the school.


X. Educational System:

Three years for graduate student of PhD(full time) who are waived the Chinese language preparatory courses.

     Four years for graduate student of PhD(full time) who are NOT waived the Chinese language preparatory courses.


XI. Tutor Transfer, Major Transfer and School Transfer

1. Graduate students are NOT allowed to change tutors, majors or transfer to other schools in generally. Please check for detailed information in Administration Rules for Graduate Students’ School Census of CAA.

2. Students of Chinese Government Scholarship will have to give up their qualification of Scholarship first before transfering to other schools as self-sponsored students if necessary.


XII.Scholarship Information

1.  Chinese Government Scholarship(A)– Bilateral Program;

2. Chinese Government Scholarship (B)– Chinese University Program;

3. Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students;

4.  Scholarship for International Students of China Academy of Art.


(1) Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship, please fill in and submit relevant application materials online through the International Student Enrollment system of China Academy of Art (link) by April 5, 2021.  Chinese Government Scholarship(A)– Bilateral Program can be directly applied to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad for relevant information.

(2) For scholarship details, please visit the official website of the School of International Education and log in the page of "International Education School of China Academy of Art -- Scholarship" to get the latest scholarship information.



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