Concepts of Visual Poetry: Confronting Real Times


Edited BY:胡心云



Concepts of Visual Poetry: Confronting Real Times will be on exhibit from Jan 27 to Feb 27 in Palais Bellevue, Kassel. The opening ceremony is at 7pm on Jan 26. The exhibition has been jointly organized by the School of Intermedia Art at CAA and Universität Kassel. 


Xu Jiang, president of CAA, wrote theforeword“POETIC IN THE LANDSCAPE”for the Sino-German exhibition. Additionally, a lecture will be held at Universität Kassel on Jan 24. 


It is the first part of an Experimental Video Exhibition between the two universities. It will be curated by Ursula Panhans-Bühle from Universität Kasselas well as by Gao Shiqiang and Guan Huaibin from CAA.

exhibition venue, Palais Bellevue, Kassel 


Xu Jiang, president of CAA, wrote the foreword POETIC IN THE LANDSCAPE for the Sino-German Exchange Exhibition of Experimental Video.


Additionally,lectures-The Garden of Forking Paths and Lost City provided by Guan Huaibin and The Other There- The Path of My Video given by Gao Shiqiang will be on at Universität Kasselas on Jan 24.


Lecture Venue



Foreword for the China-Germany

Exchange Exhibition of Experimental Video


The city of Kassel lies in the arms of the mountainside, she flows with the brae and suddenly stops near the area of the DOCUMENTA venues. One can see the clear sky and the distanced landscapes on the cliff. This is what most the youngsters with artistic thoughts longing to seein DOCUMENTA.


Standing on the walking path by the cliff, turn around, we encounter the Grimmwelt Kassel. Comparing with other larger exhibition spaces, this green venue is more like a household, a home filled with colorful dreams. This green tone is full of natural, poetic imagination. Thisis a perfect space for experimental video exhibition.


Experimental video in China began in the1990s, first emerging in the garden scenery of the schools. Yang Fudong was first invited by Okwui Enwezor to participating Documenta 11 in 2002, and this marked the first international appearance of Chinese experimentral video, aswell as the works of the younger generation of Chinese artists in Kassel. The afore mentioned work is An Estranged Paradise. This black and white film,filled with misty lake scenery, was produced under very difficult condition after Yang’s graduation. These difficulties, economically, technically, andeven practical living conditions, are the real challenges of the experimental art. The essential connotation is far beyond the limitation of technologies. From today’s perspective, the language of An Estranged Paradise is immature,but this immaturity contains the unsophisticated life. “There is a kind of timenamed flow”, the experimental video from Hangzhou has this kind of “unavoidable”poetic quality from the very beginning.


The experimental video from China Academy of Art is born with this poetic quality. “The hungry sing for the food, and thelaborer sing for the work”, these videos show us the artists’ vision in the daily life. The poetic in the landscape is not a direct representation of themisty world, but a reintroduction of it into the day-to-day concern. It use sour reality as the blue print, revisit the landscape, rebuild the homeland, andexpress the “unavoidable” will.


That day, we were sitting at the restaurant table on the balcony on the cliff, looking away at the mountain. In a split second, the sun sunk and the cloud was roaming. The nature is always a masterof vision. She directs the world, leads our minds, with her infinity and the poetic in the landscapes.




Xu Jiang 

President of the China Academy of Art 

   Translated by Zhu Chunhang