Established in 2003, the department trains high-end interdisciplinary talents with systematic thinking and initiatives. It lays emphasis on humanities and all-around design, and takes comprehensive systematic design as its main teaching body, covering fields including society and humanities, material and handicrafts, function and technology, environment and ecology. The department features in its coverage of different majors. It conducts research and teaching for complex, cross-disciplinary, which is rare and the first in China. There are three majors: integrated design, exhibition design and colour design.

Students: 200, including 18 master students and 10 doctoral students.
Faculty: 12 teachers, including 3 professors and 5 associate professors.

Main courses: theory and methodology of traditional Chinese design, small scale design, theory and methodology of contemporary Western design, design practice, design innovation, etc.

Chair: Cheng Zhaohui

Deputy Chair: Dong Qi