China Academy of Art
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School of Chinese Painting
School of Calligraphy
School of Painting
School of Sculpture and Public Art
School of Intermedia Art (SIMA)
School of Visual Communication
School of Fashion Design
School of Industrial Design
School of Crafts
School of Design & Innovation
School of Architecture
School of Arts and Humanities
School of Art Administration and Education
School of Film Art
School of Animation and Games
Shanghai Institute of Design
School of Foundation Studies
School of Marxism Studies
Department of Physical Education
International College
EDNA Joint Institute (NACAA)
School of Social Aesthetic Education, School of Continuing Education
The Affiliated High School
Department of Lab Management
Discipline of Fine Arts
Discipline of Design
Discipline of Theory of Art
Discipline of Drama, Film and Television
Discipline of Architecture
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Note: This list has benn updated to March 16th, 2023. Sorted by alphabetical order of last names