Situated on Xiangshan Campus, the school is derived from Visual Art Institute set up in 2 and consolidated in December 2007. It trains students with a strong foundation of fine arts, a good grasp of environmental design and contemporary art creation, who aim at building harmonious urban public environment and developing public art with contemporary Chinese spirit and oriental imagery.

There are four departments: Public Space Department, Mural Painting Department, Art Education Department, and Ceramics and Crafts Department, offering programs in urban sculpture, landscape installation, mural painting, Chinese lacquer, art education, public art planning and communication, connoisseurship, ceramic art, glass art, adornment design, etc.

Students: 878, including 119 master students and 4 doctoral students.
Faculty: 63 teachers, including 9 professors and 27 associate professors.

Dean: Yang Qirui

Deputy Dean: Yu Xiaoping, Huang Jun, Zhou Wu