Established in 1928, the department was called Pattern Design Department which offered ceramic courses. In 1960, the ceramic program was one of the earliest in China. Ceramics Department was established in 2003, and it incorporated glass and jewellery program in September 2007. Combining art with crafts, the department plays an important role in the art and craft education development in China. The department now has 2 teaching studios of utensil design and ceramic creation; and four teaching labs of clay, glaze, mould and firing. There are also labs for glass and jewellery design.

Students: 277, including 36 master students.
Faculty: 19 teachers, including 4 professors and 8 associate professors.

Main courses: modelling techniques, utensil design, ceramic creation, materials, firing technique, skills for ornament, glass, jewellery design, adornment design, integrated design

Chair: Dai Yuxiang

Deputy Chair: Li Wen, Wang Zhenghong

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