The school includes the Department of Art History, Department of Visual Culture Studies, Department of Curatorial Studies and Administration, and Department of Archeology and Museum. The school started to offer MA programs in 1980, and PhD program in fine arts in 1984, which is also the first in China. Its research on the history and methodology of Art history has been in the leading position in China. In recent years, the school has expanded research field into visual culture studies, visual mass communication, and media studies, meanwhile established four research institutes including Art History Research Centre, Research Centre of Visual Culture and Exhibition, Calligraphy and Painting, Authentication Centre, and Research Centre for History of Art History. Moreover, the school regularly organises high-standard academy forums such as “Memorial Lecture Series of Gombrich”, “Memorial Lecture Series of Pan Tianshou”, and “Urban Culture and Visual Production”, etc. With an academic advantage, the school shares high reputation as an authority in the field of art history research and studies.

Students: 276, including master students and 119 doctoral students.
Faculty: 22 teachers, including 6 professors and 9 associate professors.

Dean: Cao Yiqiang

Deputy Dean: Yang Zhengyu, Kong Lingwei, and Wan Muchun