Situated on Xiangshan Campus, this school trains practical, innovative designers. The programs are aimed at innovative and practical capability and high employment. There are 5 departments of special arts and crafts, visual design, industrial design, environmental design, and animation, with programs of publishing and printing graphic design, advertising design and production, furniture and carving art design , ceramics design , jewellery design, art appreciation and restoration, landscape design, interior design, digital imaging, virtual art moulding. The two courses, “Animated Short Film Production,” “Book Design & Production,” have been honoured as national courses of excellence. This is the training base for Zhejiang vocational school teachers, national light industry special skills, as well as the leading unit for arts and crafts in the national tertiary vocational art and design committee.

Students: 1543
Faculty: 69 teachers, including 18 associate professors and professors.

Dean: Zhao Yan

Deputy Dean: Jin YiBo , Xia Keliang and Yang An

School website: http://www.caapc.cn