Consolidated in 2007, this division combined the former three foundations of fine arts, design and the foundation studies on Xiangshan Campus to provide students with a broad foundation and artistic accomplishments. There are a fine arts branch, design branch and multimedia branch, as well as a national classics teaching section and an anatomical perspective teaching section.

Students: 1044 Students, 36 master students.
Faculty: 64 teachers, including 7 professors.

Dean: Cao Xiaoyang

Deputy Dean: Jin Cheng, Yu Zhengping Chen Huasha


Branch of Fine Arts

The branch provides 11 majors with basic teaching: oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, experimental art, art education, art connoisseurship and collection, mural painting, lacquer painting, glass, public sculpture, landscape installation. There are three teaching sections of drawing, color and formal language.
Faculty: 17 teachers, including 3 professors and 7 associate professors.
Students: 356 Students,19 master students.
Chair: Ren Zhizhong
Deputy Chair: Shao Beiyan


Branch of Design

The branch provides 8 majors with basic teaching courses: graphic design, book design, apparel design, textile design, industrial design, integrated design, exhibition design, ceramics. There are three teaching sections of fine arts,
design and design theory.
Students: 430 students, 2 master students.
Faculty: 21teachers, including 2 Professors, 5 associate professors.
Chair: Li Mu
Deputy Chair: Zhou Xiaofan, Ye Weiliang


Branch of Image and Media

The branch provides 8 basic courses: new media, animation, illustration and cartoon, photography, video advertising, radio and TV writing and directing, web game, web page design. There are two teaching sections of fine arts, and media and animation.
Faculty: 19 teachers, including 1professors, 6 associate professors.
Students: 257 Students, 12 master students.
Chair: Zheng Duanxiang
Deputy Chair Gu Cong

Division website: http://jcb.caa.edu.cn