Founded in March 1985, CAA Press is a major publisher of art books in China. It is professional and academic, and has published a large amount of scholarly books.

Director: Cao Zengjie
Editor-in-Chief: Fan Jingzhong
Deputy Publisher: Zhu Pingfan


New Arts (CAA journal)

Established in 1980, the journal is known in China and throughout the world. It has been praised for its academic integrity. It publishes Chinese and foreign art papers, with emphasis on the relationship between art and history, and integrating art history into the general discipline of humanities. New Fine Arts has been listed as No. 1 in the art category in the Chinese Social Science Citation List and General List of Important Titles of Chinese Core Periodicals.

Director: Xu Jiang
Editor-in-Chief: Cao Yiqiang


New Design

New Design is committed to the study of high-end design disciplines, the pioneering of avant-garde fashion and the systematization of present and historic conditions for design in China. It is an academic platform to explore and disseminate Chinese indigenous design and to further the international exchanges of design ideas and cultures.

Editor-in-Chief: Song Jianming
Deputy Editor-in-chief: Wang Xueqing and Zheng Juxi


China Art Weekly

China Art Weekly is the only art newspaper in China, jointly sponsored by China Academy of Art and Zhejiang Daily Group.
Art Weekly is a strong art medium and a good friend of artists, providing ample information and timely coverage of art news. Published every Saturday, it is a full-color publication of 40 pages in quarto, 80 additional pages are irregularly added.

Director: Wang Zan, Lu Xi
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Zhang Gufeng
Deputy Director: Jiang Yue
Editor: Pan Xinxin



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