The Department of Chinese painting specialises in cultivating great talents in the areas of Chinese painting and its fields of research.

The department was the first in China to set Chinese painting as specialised discipline. It was also the first department offers Calligraphy as a major. The Department of Chinese painting holds a strong cultural foundation including its deep respect for tradition and profound legacy of master painters. The Department was formerly called ‘National Painting’ and ‘Colored Ink painting’. However in 1957, under the guidance of Pan TianShou, the master painter and educator, the department’s title is changed to the Department of Chinese painting, which remains till today.

The department has been the training and teaching ground for prior generations of great masters including Lin Fengmian, Huang Binhong, Fu Baoshi, Lu Feng-Zi, Lu Weizhao, Wu Fuzhi, Zhu Lesan, Li Keran, Li Kuchan, Gu Kunbo, Deng Bai, Zhou Changu, Sha Menghai, Lu Yanshao, Lu Yifei, Li Zhenjian, Wu Guanzhong, Zhou Cangmi, Song Zhongyuan, and Gu Shenyue, etc.

The Department’s guiding principle is integrating its prominence Chinese resources with the social conditions and cultural development of the times. This constant process of adjustment and in-depth researches, alongside with the awareness of cultural development, have allowed the department to form a sound system of pedagogy capable of advancing tradition and imparting skills and artistic heritage to newer generations of artists.

In teaching, the Department emphasises a sequential process of “emulation painting” (Lin Mo), sketching from life, and art creation, instilling the student a sense of traditional awareness as well as academic freedom.

The Department offers a wide curriculum in four major subject areas including: Figure painting, Landscape painting, Bird and Flower as well its Comprehensive major which includes all three. Students are enrolled for all degree levels.
All undergraduate students spend a year in the division of fundamental education, after which students will continue their studies in one of the four majors.

Students: 358 students, including undergraduate, master and doctoral students.
Faculty: 36 teachers, including 19 professors and 11 associate professors, 21 of whom hold PhD degree.
Main courses: drawing, sketching, line drawing, copying, life painting, art creation.

Chair: Wei Xiaorong

Vice Chair: Han Lu, Zhang Guomin