CAA is one of the most important origins of Chinese new printmaking movement. Established in 1954, the department is one of the earliest professional organisations using modern education system for printmaking education and research. Especially at the age of “post-printmaking”, the department especially emphasises on integrating multi-cultural essence under the international background, and training printmakers with historical and theoretical knowledge, printmaking skills, as well as their ability of independent research.

There are 4 studios:

National printmaking, director: Chen Haiyan
Realist printmaking, director: Feng Xumin
Expressive printmaking, director: Cai Feng
Digital printmaking, director: Xu Fang

Students: 177, including 53 master students and 5 PhD students.
Faculty: 11 teachers, including 5 professors and 6 associate professors.

Main courses: drawing, regular colour training, composition, general skills for printmaking, printmaking varieties, and artistic creation, etc.

Chair: Kong Guoqiao

Deputy Chair: Fang Liming
Associate Head: Tong Biao