Established in 1928, the department is the earliest sculpture education major in China. upholding the principle of “infusing Western and Chinese culture”, the sculpture department has formed its educational methodology and nurtured many important sculptors and thus became the origin of modern sculpture education in China.

The department encourages its students to explore and experiment on various techniques and materials. It provides the education for basic training and the development of creative thoughts with the support of well equipped labs and a well-structured faculty of different research directions and studios. There are five studios:

Realist Sculpture Studio – Director: Zhang Keduan
Public Space Art Studio – Director: Wang Qiang
Material Experimentation Studio – Director: Long Xiang
Plastic and Concept Studio – Director: Li Xiuqin
Fiber and Space Art Studio – Director: Shi Hui

Students: 196, including 60 master students and 16 doctoral students.
Faculty: 16 teachers, including 7 professors and 7 associate professors.

Main courses: drawing, clay sculpture, lab techniques, introductory composition, history of Chinese and world sculpture, etc.

Chair: Long Xiang

Deputy Chair: Zhai Qingxi, Ban Lingsheng

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