China Academy of Art
Mayorga Zuñiga
Edited BY:Liu Yifan
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Children's Toys Designed for School for the Blind in Zhejiang in April, 2012 During His Study for Master's Degree

'Hello, everyone, I'm Arturo Mayorga Zuñiga. I'm Mexican and my tutor is Chen Yuan from China Academy of Art. Living in China and learning in the Academy have shaped my career and creative mind. '

'The master's courses taught by the teachers and various activities organized by the International College all left me wonderful memories. In the four years' study in China Academy of Art, Chinese culture and traditional customs have expanded my knowledge and helped me improve and optimize the theories and technology foundations in product design and business area. '

'After graduating from China Academy of Art, I launched product and building design projects in China, Mexico and Germany and started a personal design studio DAMZ STUDIO in my own way and style. The Mexican Economic and Trade Office invited me to give lectures on China and China's industries and economic potentials. I feel pleased and proud to deliver and share the knowledge I've learned in China and China Academy of Art to people in Mexico and the world.'

 Mayorga Zuñiga