China Academy of Art
Edited BY:Liu Yifan
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Phyllis Bennett in Shaoxing in 1985

In the mid-1980s, attracted by the vigorous charm of traditional Chinese ink and wash art, Ms. Phyllis Bennett, an art teacher from California, USA, with her eyes of wisdom and love, led a delegation for the first time and came all the way to China Academy of Art in Hangzhou to study traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting for a month. 

When she returned home, she opened a traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting class in her hometown in California, USA. For more than 30 years, the fragrance of books and ink permeates the campus by the West Lake, and generations of students there gained personal experience of Chinese calligraphy and painting techniques and interest through writing, copying and drawing, and feel the spirit and quality of “peace and elegance” in Chinese culture. 

Ms. Phyllis Bennett has shared her love for Chinese calligraphy and painting and China Academy of Art with generations of Americans.