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Jeremiah Made a Speech as Outstanding International Student Representative at the Graduation CeremonJeremiah Made a Speech as Outstanding International Student Representative at the Graduation Ceremon

Jeremiah Watson is an international student from America. From 2010 to 2018, he successively obtained a master's degree and a doctorate degree from China Academy of Art under the guidance of Professor Wang Shu.

Now he is an international architect, design consultant and artist. Jeremiah is keen on promoting the harmony between man and nature and the expression of construction and materials through architectural design. The project he led won awards in the International Competition for Architectural Planning and Design Projects. His research focused on the traditional regional architecture of Suzhou and Hangzhou. 

'With the aroma of espresso and scented tea lingering in the air, talking and laughing with friends, I'm sitting in a small cafe on a Swiss mountain, recalling the life in the International College of China Academy of Art. Eight years is almost a third of my life, and the memories trigger my feelings of pride, joy, sadness, hope, loneliness, fame, wandering, pursuit, confusion, understanding, struggle, triumph, friendship and love. '

'They all appear in my memories about the life in the International College. I remember my excellent professors smiling at the achievements of students; I remember walking with my partner under the fluttering willows by the foggy West Lake; I also remember climbing mountains with friends, slurping noodles, making tea and playing with ink.'