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Draw from the Sources,Venture with the Greats: Academic Events Commemorating the 95th Anniversary of China Academy of Art
Nov 06, 2023 - Dec 06, 2023
Hangzhou, China
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Since 2000, the CAA has its every “fifth” anniversary celebrated in the second half of the year. The themes of all these celebrations go beyond the CAA’s history and revolve around frontier academic topics. This year’s 95th anniversary celebrations, themed “Draw from the Sources, Venture with the Greats”, are centered on discussions on the issues of art education, against a macro landscape of cultural exchanges across world civilizations, and explores the modernization of art education and the nurturing of new-age, contemporary artistic talents.

On November 10, CAA will hold its 95th anniversary and its key academic events, “Reports from the World, Launch of IWV2023: Mutual-Learning of Civilizations” and “Starplex, Total Exhibition of IWV2023: Mutual-Learning of Civilizations” on the same evening.

Besides the events that will be held on November 10, CAA will also be holding other academic events such as “Proposal to Leonardo Da Vinci − Shanghai Science and Art Exhibition/The 7th International Intermedia Arts Festival”, “The New Liberal Arts: Renaissance Man for the 21st Century” − Art Education Events, “The First CAA Synesthesia & Liberal Arts International Forum”, “Artistic Experience and Knowledge Production: The Way of Innovation and Research in Professional Doctorate Program − The 5th National Art Education Forum”, “The Perspective of Nature − A Dialogue Between Art and Philosophy”, an academic forum on 30 years of expressive figurative art and 20 years of holistic doctoral training in art theory, “A Seminar Commemorating the 120th Anniversary of Wu Dayu’s Birth”, and “A Seminar Commemorating the 120th Anniversary of Lin Wenzheng’s Birth”.

CAA will also be holding “2023 Design, The Start Again” concurrently at its Liangzhu Campus during the same period. The white paper, “Design, Start Again: A Circular on the Global Development of Design as an Academic Discipline” will be released then, driving social innovation and reconstructing design and humanities as it discusses the dialectics of art and science as well as aesthetics and ethics.

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