China Academy of Art
Duan Weibin
Professor, Doctoral Supervior, Doctor of Fine Arts, Director of the School of Design & Innovation at CAA

As the discipline leader in industrial design at CAA, Duan chaired many projects including the key project sponsored by the National Social Science Fund of China in Art titled ''Research on Chinese Publication Design Culture during the New Culture Movement'', the project supported by the Ministry of Culture to enhance technology on ''Research and Application of Collaborative Key Technology for Experimental Digital Museum Information Service'', and the first group of the project upon new liberal arts education reform titled ''Innovation and Practice of Cultivating Composite Talents in New Liberal Arts Art''. 

Professional Titles

Executive Director of the China Industrial Design Association 

Young and Mid-aged Discipline Leader in Zhejiang Province 

Secretary-general of the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Design to Majors in Higher Education 

Vice President of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association

Awards and Prizes:

Young Scholar of CAA

Top-notch Talent of Leading Talent Support Plan