China Academy of Art
Guo Jianlian
Professor, Vice Dean of the School of Painting, CAA

Guo Jianlian, born in Putian, Fujian in 1977, was admitted to the Department of Oil Painting at the China Academy of Art (CAA) in 1996. He earned his BA in 2000 and his MA in 2003, and started working as an instructor at CAA. In 2004, he was enrolled in the CAA PhD program in painting theory and practice and obtained his PhD in 2008. He currently serves as the Deputy Dean of the School of Painting Art, a professor at the Department of Oil Painting, and a master's advisor at CAA. He is also a researcher at the Institute of Art Philosophy and Cultural Innovation of CAA, Director of the Zhejiang Association of Oil Painters, a member of the Chinese Oil Painters Society, a researcher of the Beijing Academy of China Xieyi Oil Painting, and a member of the China Artists Association. He has been included in CAA's Leading Talent Support Program as a top talent and Zhejiang Province's second group of young and middle-aged literary and artistic practitioners with both great virtue and professional excellence.