China Academy of Art
Jin Shi
Associate Professor, School of Animation and Games, CAA

Jin Shi earned his MA from the Department of Sculpture, China Academy of Art (CAA) after completing his study in 2005. He focuses on experimental animation. Leveraging his undergraduate and master's study experience in the Department of Sculpture, he has yielded outstanding results in animation model and scene production, among which his rural practice program has been recognized as a first-class educational program in Zhejiang Province. During his teaching and research, he delves into spatial concept-focused art based on scene models. His works have been exhibited at leading domestic and foreign exhibitions, including the Biennale of Sydney, Havana Biennial, and Shanghai Biennale. Prof. Jin received funding from the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) as well as the SAAB Award at the Photo Espana for his model photography work. His works are in the collection of many domestic and foreign art institutions such as Hong Kong's M+, France's DSL, and Australia's White Rabbit Gallery, as well as numerous private collectors.