China Academy of Art
Li Minghuan
Professor, Master's advisor, Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Chinese Painting, CAA

Li Minghuan is an artist and scholar. Concurrently, he serves as a member of Xiling Seal Engraver's Society, China Calligraphers Association, and The Institute of Archaeology CASS. He was a special guest calligrapher for the CCTV G20 live program. He has been recognized as a Leading University Talent in Zhejiang Province, and included among the first awardees of Zhejiang's Xinfeng Program, a program for developing young artists. He is also one of the first creative talents under the China National Arts Fund and a committee member of the 11th Youth Federation of Zhejiang Province. Prof. Li has been committed to the creation and theoretical study of calligraphy and seal cutting for years. His art creations focus on discovering and displaying the "modernity in history" and the "historical depth in a modern context". Prof. Li attended and held many influential international or national group and solo exhibitions. He received multiple national and provincial awards, published several books, and led a number of national and provincial academic research programs. His artworks are in the collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the Shanghai Expo, the Zhejiang Art Museum and many other academic institutions.