China Academy of Art
Li Zenglong
Associate Professor, School of Crafts, CAA

Li Zenglong, also by the name of Zhengrong, was born in 1983. He was awarded "Zhejiang's Top Ten Emerging Artists", included in Zhejiang's "Xinfeng Program" for Developing Young Plastic Arts Talents, the 2020 China National Arts Fund Young Creative Talent Project, and CAA's 2022 "Design Discipline Young Design Talent Development Project", and on the second list of Outstanding Young Talents of CAA's "Leading Talent Support Program". He is also a cultivator of Song lotus at Shanzhitang Studio. The charm of his ceramic works lies in the distinctive shaping and firing process, as well as a classy aesthetic sense in modeling and glaze colors, which are also the delightful essence of his creations. With a powerful and simple look, his artworks incorporate the beauty of stone carvings from the Han and Tang dynasties and the allure of traditional jinglan teapots and Ming-style furniture, apart from the charm of modern minimalism and both classical and modern art aesthetics.