China Academy of Art
Lin Haizhong
PhD Supervisor

Born in Jan 1968, Lin gives himself the art names of Sleeping Sunglow Freeman, Qiantang Latecomer and Master of Forest and Stream Pavilion. He is now the Deputy Director of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Connoisseurship Center at CAA.

Lin made a name for himself at a very young age with remarkable painting skills. His artworks cover extensive themes, such as landscapes, figures, birds and flowers and calligraphy. Lin advocates ink as the origin of Chinese painting, inheriting the charm of antique taste by introducing calligraphy into painting, and passing it to modern times. As a representative of modern academicism, he advocates the literati painting style with the idea that knowing thyself with painting is the sublime realm of Chinese Painting. He was one of the members of the New Literati Painting Movement. His ink painting is concise and simple with a style of Zen while his colored works are vivid and antique, with the inheritance from Tang and Song. His representative artworks include Wall collected in the British Museum, the large wall painting Ji Gong Begging for Alms for Lingyin Temple, and Monk Jianzhen's Journey to Japan collected in the National Museum of China, etc.