China Academy of Art
Peng Yu
Associate Professor, Postgraduate Supervisor, CAA

Peng Yu, a CPC member, earned his BA and MA from East China Normal University and his PhD from Fudan University. He is a post-doctoral fellow at Tsinghua University and a visiting scholar at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. His primary research interests are studies of paleography, antiquities, historical literature and art theory. Dr. Peng has led 18 research projects including those funded by the National Social Science Fund of China, the Ancient Characters and Chinese Civilization Inheritance and Development Project, the National Key Publications Publishing Plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan Period, projects supported by the State Language Commission, the national ancient books collation project, Zhejiang philosophy and social sciences project, and key rare and profound studies. In addition, he has been involved in or led 7 national social science projects; compiled and published more than 10 books; published and presented over 60 papers in journals and conferences such as Guangming Daily, Journal of Chinese Literature and History, Cultural Relics, Journal of Chinese Historical Studies, and Unearthed Documents.

Professional Titles

Member of the Professional Steering Committee of the Archaeological Society of China;

Honorary Director of the Bronze Ware Professional Committee of the China Cultural Relics Academy

Member of the Chinese Writing  Society

Member of the China Semantics and Etymology Society

Member of the Zhejiang Archaeological Society

Member of the Language Society of Zhejiang Province

Member of the Hangzhou Geographical Names Expert Database

Editor-in-chief of Han Mirror Inscription & Image Compilation;

Member of the Editorial Board of China's 30 Inventions