China Academy of Art
Qian Yunke
Professor, Master's Advisor, Director of the School of Sculpture and Public Art, CAA

Qian Yunke was born in March 1969 in Leqing, Zhejiang Province. In July 1995, she earned her BA in Sculpture from the China Academy of Art (CAA), and has been working as a faculty member there ever since. In July 2003, she received her MA in Sculpture from CAA. From 2008 to 2009, she served as a visiting scholar of Sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In July 2012, she obtained her PhD as a member of the first cohort of sculpture doctors from CAA. In 2020, she was included among the first artists for the Artist Cultivation Program of Zhejiang Province. She currently serves as Director of the   School of Sculpture and Public Art, a professor, and a master's advisor at CAA, a council member of China Sculpture Institute, Vice President of Zhejiang Sculture Institute, and Vice President of Zhejiang Provincial Sculptors Association.