China Academy of Art
Shi Jianong
Professor, Master's Advisor, CAA

Shi Jianong, born in October 1960 in Hangzhou. He completed his studies under Mr. Zhu Jiajin and Mr. Zhang Pusheng and graduated from the Department of Cultural Relics and Museology at Fudan University. He held positions including Curator of the Xiaoshan Museum, Director of the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Cultural Relics Protection and Management Institute, Deputy Office Director of the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Cultural Heritage Protection and Management Committee, and Research Librarian (Level III). He also served as a deputy to the 12th and 13th Hangzhou Municipal People's Congress and a member of the Education, Science, Culture, and Health Committee of the 12th Hangzhou Municipal People's Congress. Prof. Shi receives special allowances from the Hangzhou Municipal Government. His research interests focus on the study, authentication, and restoration of antique ceramics. He has published 15 books and nearly 50 papers. Concurrently, he serves as Chairman of the Hangzhou Historical Site and Ruins Protection Association, Vice President of the Zhejiang Yueguo Culture Research Association, Secretary-General of the Kuahuqiao Culture International Academic Research Center, a visiting researcher at the Fudan University Museum, and a member of the China Association for Conservation Technology of Cultural Heritage, the Chinese Society for Ancient Ceramics, the Chinese Cultural Relics Society's Restoration Committee, the Zhejiang Archaeological Society, the Zhejiang Museums Association, the Zhejiang Cultural Relics Protection and Utilization Association, and the Hangzhou Cultural Antique Authentication Group.