China Academy of Art
Wang Shu
Non-partisan, Level-2 Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
Dean of the School of Architecture and academic leader in Architecture at CAA

Wang is the best-known architect and designer in contemporary China, a representative scholar of contemporary new humanistic architecture, and the most internationally influential leader of the Chinese new architectural movement. He was selected into the "Four Batches" of talents in the national publicity and cultural system, the leading talents in philosophy and social science in the national Ten Thousand Talents Project, "Five Batches" of talents in Zhejiang culture promotion system and Outstanding Innovative Talents in Zhejiang Province. The Pritzker Architecture Prize he won is the most prestigious academic award in the international architectural community, through which he earned a world-class academic honor for Chinese and greatly expanded the international academic influence of Chinese architecture.

Expert with Special Allowance of the State Council

Changjiang Scholar Professor of the Ministry of Education

Candidate of the "Hundreds, Thousands and Ten Thousands" Talents Project

Young Expert with Outstanding Contribution in Zhejiang Province

Awards and Prizes

Pritzker Architecture Prize (2012)