China Academy of Art
Xu Jie
Associate Professor, Master's Advisor, Deputy Director of the Color Research Institute, CAA

Xu Jie is a graduate of the School of Design and Creative Arts, Loughborough University, he holds a PhD in Art Design, a MA in Visualization & Design, and a BA in Visual Communication. He is a member of the AIC Study Group on Environmental Color Design, Director of the China Fashion & Color Association (CFCA), Secretary-General of CFCA Architectural and Environmental Color Committee, a member of CFCA Color Education Committee, the Cultural Heritage Research Committee of Design Research Society (DRS), and the International Association of Environmental Graphic Design. Dr. Xu specializes in academic research on color, art and design, and he participated in and led British Arts and Humanities Fund projects, which focused on the systematic research on the color characteristics of Chinese and British cities. He is committed to promoting the development and application of color disciplines and is active in the world's color research arena, publishing books and papers in and outside China and organizing color forums, lectures and curatorial activities on color topics globally