China Academy of Art
Yang Zhenyu
Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Dean and CPC Party Secretary of the School of Arts and Humanities at CAA

Mr. Yang’s main research interests are art history and cultural history, modern China art history and thought history, scenery painting and landscape painting, etc. He has participated in major academic projects such as Gombrich Memorial Lectures and Pan Tianshou Memorial Lectures. He has been included in the provincial and national talent pools.

In 2008, he founded the Academic Forum on Urban Culture and Visual Production. In 2009, he chaired the National Art Science Planning Project “From Liang Qichao to Teng Gu: A Study of the Ideology of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art History”, and was in charge of the National First-class Major Construction Program “Art History”. In 2014, he chaired the series of exhibitions and research on “The Name of Nature: An Academic Survey of Scenery Painting and Landscape Painting”.

Representative Translated Works 

Wassily Kandinsky’s Memoirs

The Critical Historians of Art


Vicissitudes in Paintings

The History of Art History

The Name of Nature

Famous Artists 

The World of Art Series

Representative Papers

Teng Gu and the Modern Mode of Writing Chinese Art History

Wang Guowei and the Resources of Ideas for Writing Modern Chinese Art History

Media, Vision and Liberated Perception

Modern Traditionalists

Ideals and Idols: A Confluence of Art History and the History of Ideas in the 85 New Wave Movement

The Technique of Memory

Nature and Art: Goethe and an Idea in Western Landscape Painting.

Professional Titles

Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Literature and Art Critics Association 

Director of China Oil Painting Society

Awards and Prizes

The Advanced Individual in Social Practice Activities of Promoting Culture, Technology and Health in Rural Areas of Zhejiang Province

The Advanced Individual in Education through Teaching, Management and Service of Zhejiang Province

The Second Prize of the Teaching Achievement Award of Zhejiang Province

The China Art Award - Theoretical Criticism Award