China Academy of Art
Zhang Junjie
Professor, Master's Advisor, CAA

Zhang Junjie holds a PhD in Design. He has been included in the second list of high-caliber talents for the Leading University Talents Training Program of Zhejiang Province. He has also been awarded Top Talent under CAA's Leading Talent Support Program", Outstanding Young Scholar, Outstanding Young Teacher, and Outstanding CPC Member. Prof. Zhang led a course that received the 4th CAA Golden Course Award and Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teacher Team Course. As the Party Branch Secretary, his team was awarded the "National Excellent Grassroots Party Organization". His leadership in the application process contributed to CAA's Product Design Program being recognized as the national demonstration program for first-class educational program construction. Prof. Zhang has led one project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth), one research project at the ministerial level funded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and has been involved in numerous national-level major and general research projects. A team led by him completed the design of medals and awards for the Hangzhou Asian Games, as well as the design of torches and accompanying materials for the Hangzhou Asian Para Games. He also led the design of commemorative gifts, commemorative medals, and certificates for the Asian Games clientele. Prof. Zhang led the development of two excellent provincial-level textbooks for the 12th Five-Year Plan period, one provincial first-class course, and one provincial research project on ideological and political education. His designs have won more than 30 international awards and over 30 domestic awards. His works have been exhibited at hundreds of domestic and international exhibitions, including Milan Furniture Fair, and China Design Exhibition.