China Academy of Art
Zhang Quan
Professor, CAA

Zhang Quan, born in November 1964, is a member of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, and a master's advisor. He is also the Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Yixian Painting and Calligraphy Academy, a member of the China Artists Association.

Key Awards:

In 1991, his artwork Nanniwan – 1943 was named for the Zhejiang Provincial Art Exhibition and received the Excellence Award.

In 1998, his artwork Flying In To Hide Behind the Brocade Window won the Excellence Award at the 4th Chinese Meticulous Brushwork and Heavy-Color Paintings Exhibition; his Butterfly Basket Flower Painting garnered Bronze Meda at the Jiangsu Art Festival.

In 1999, his artwork Joyous Occasions in the Forbidden City received the Excellence Award at the 9th National Art Exhibition.

In 2002, his artwork Butterfly Basket Flower Painting got the Gold Award at the Exhibition of Paintings of New Jiangsu School.

In 2003, his artworks including Fragrant Sentiments and Thoughts were exhibited at the 2003 Seoul International Art Fair; his Flower House received the Excellence Award at the International Urban Ink Painting Exhibition.

In 2004, his artwork Fragrant Flowers Transmitting Screens Free from Dust was displayed at the 10th National Art Exhibition, and it won the Gold Award at the Exhibition of Paintings of New Jiangsu School held by the Seven-Color Century.

In 2009, his artwork Returning to Homeland won the Bronze Award at the 12th Zhejiang Art Exhibition and was exhibited at the 11th National Art Exhibition.

In 2020, his course titled "Chinese Painting – Evaluation of Classical Chinese Bird-and-Flower Paintings and Painting Techniques" won the Special Prize for Internet + Teaching (online and offline hybrid) among undergraduate education institutions in Zhejiang Province, ranking 2nd out of 2.