China Academy of Art
Zhou Wu
Professor, Dean of the School of Crafts, Doctoral Supervisor, Leader of the Discipline of Handicraft Art and Responsible Person for the First Prize of National Teaching Achievements at CAA

He majored in ceramic art and graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (China Academy of Art) in 1992 and continued to teach in the university in the same year. In 2000, he won the DAAD scholarship from Germany and become a visiting scholar at Muthesius Hochschule, Germany.

Professional Titles

Member of UNESCO I.A.C (International Academy of Ceramics)

Member of Ceramic Art Committee of China Artists Association 

Executive Director of Ceramic Art Committee of China Ceramic Industry Association

Executive Director of Chinese Society for Technical and Vocational Education

Awards and Prizes

Outstanding Teacher in Zhejiang Province

The Advanced Individual in the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in China

The Advanced Individual in Education through Teaching, Management and Service of Zhejiang Province