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Excellent Graduation Works: School of Foundation Studies
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Edited BY:Fang Shuaiyin

ALPHA: Parallel/Bisecting Time

Artist: Xu Sijie (School of Foundation Studies)

Instructor: Cao Xiaoyang

ALPHA stands for primordiality and, at the same time, represents the parameter value of transparency. ALPHA is a system that has grown out of the hidden corners of the world. Placed within a set of polarizing filters that visible light cannot pass through, the half pair of butterfly wings reveals a reality inaccessible to the naked eye. Let a beam of 940 nm invisible light penetrates a polarized glass. When a person triggers the infrared laser warning line set up among the three arranged structures of the installations, the black mirrored aluminum plates rotate back and forth, together achieving mirror reflection in the parallel realm of invisible light. In the end, a camera that can only receive 940nm light captures the image of a butterfly on the screen, appearing as if in a dying state, as the world within the footage submerges into darkness... Time becomes transparent within a solid technological framework, where inorganic materials and organic visuals exist parallel and bisected.

Changsha Tune: Spring in a Pleasure Garden

Artist: Zhou Zhe (School of Foundation Studies)

Instructor: Jin Cheng


The artist admires Zhang Menglong bei, a calligraphic masterpiece, for its sharp strokes, dynamic balance of legibility and expressivity, and elegant style. The artist believes the script is well-suited to demonstrate young people's pride and aspirations in Mao Zedong's poem Changsha Tune: Spring in a Pleasure Garden. Inspired by the poem, the artist wanted to write calligraphy for it while conveying a sense of passion and elegance. Therefore, he wrote the poem in a script that combines the features of Zhang Menglong bei and running script (xingshu).


Artist: Zhang Jinhao (School of Foundation Studies)

Instructor: Lai Yuan


The artist incorporates some highlights in the cities into urban landscapes, including seemingly contradictory elements, to enrich the fragmented symbols that cities present to us. The artist also tries to introduce elements such as people, humanity, and warmth into the fragmented urban landscapes to demonstrate a different side of cities.


Light and Dark

Artist: Yu Yipei (School of Foundation Studies)

Instructor: Tong Biao


The artist reviewed the images of mountain gods in the Classic of Mountains and Seas (or Shan Hai Jing) and presented them in stark images through printmaking works. The artist chose the form of printmaking because its advantages of conciseness and abstracted form enable stunning images, especially for black-and-white woodcuts. Also, compared to direct painting, indirect painting brings delightful surprises about the completeness of the artwork, which manifests the beauty of art creation.


Brain Garden – The 5th Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival 2023 & CAA Graduation Season kicked off online and offline concurrently on June 1. This edition of Youth Art Festival is co-hosted by Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Publicity Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, China Academy of Art (CAA), and Zhejiang Conservatory of Music under the guidance of the Publicity Department of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Hangzhou Municipal People's Government. The festival features a wide variety of online and offline artistic shows and activities centered on the future and the youth. It is a grand city-wide artistic feast in Hangzhou.

The Youth Art Festival is presented online on CAACOSMOS and West Lake Sky Screen and offline at six venues, namely Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, West Lake Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, World Tourism Museum (1368 Xiangxi Road), Quan Shanshi Art Center, and Yichuang Town, with a total exhibition area of nearly 70,000 square meters. Over 3,000 works from more than 2,500 Class of 2023 graduates (including 1,766 undergraduates, 688 masters, and 97 doctors) are showcased. Over 2,000 young artists, designers, writers, and scholars have gathered online for this youthful art event.

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