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Prof. Zeng Ying and His Team from the School of Architecture Won World-Class Landscape Design Award!
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Edited BY:Fang Shuaiyin

Recently, Zeng Ying from the School of Architecture at the China Academy of Art, with his team project titled "Waxberry Hyperlink: Revitalization of DW Industry, Community & Culture" won the 2023 WLA Honor Award in the Concept of the Analysis & Planning Category. The project was featured on WLA's official website homepage on July 26, 2023.

Waxberry Hyperlink, located in the Huangyan District of Taizhou, China, covers an area of 57,800 hectares. The project envisions a new landscape where Dongkui waxberries facilitate integration and innovation. Landscape architects worked beyond their normal professional boundaries, using waxberries to join fruit planting, processing, and local culture, and created a new development approach of multi-industrial and multi-regional collaboration. Such a landscape planning strategy not only increased the annual yield of waxberries by roughly RMB 225,000 per hectare, thus encouraging the return of the rural population, but also helped establish the seed tree garden for preserving waxberry history, disseminating waxberry culture and promoting technical exchange, re-establishing Huangyan's leading role in the Dongkui waxberry industry.

The project is also present in the independent exhibition of this year's Venice Architecture Biennale themed "DEEP GREEN: The Laboratory of the Future in Rural China" jointly organized by internationally renowned architect Ma Qingyun and ArchiDogs (Exhibition dates: May 20 to November 26, 2023). Waxberry Hyperlink, as a "medium" for rural intervention, responds to the theme of the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale "The Laboratory of the Future", and showcases an innovative Chinese rural practice to the world.


For detailed introduction about the project, please click the link to learn more: