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In Zhejiang: China Academy of Art Celebrates Its 95th Anniversary with a Series of Academic Events
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Edited BY:Fang Shuaiyin

On October 25, the China Academy of Art (CAA) marked its 95th anniversary with a press conference in Hangzhou, China, unveiling details about a series of academic events. From October 28 to December 6, the institution will host a range of activities under the theme "Draw from the Sources, Venture with the Greats".

President Gao Shiming emphasized that the celebration goes beyond self-congratulation. It underscores the academy's commitment to exploring fundamental issues in art education within the broad context of global civilization exchange. The aim is to present the history of civilization through an artistic lens, understand art from the perspective of a historical worldview, and cultivate a cadre of young artists with a global outlook, historical awareness, and artistic ambition.


Building upon recent developments, including the launch of the CAA School of Calligraphy, the establishment of two academic platforms (China Cinematic Arts Institute and the School of Social Aesthetic Education), and the introduction of two new entities (CAA Cosmos and Meta Art Academy), the latter half of the year will feature the academic event titled "Reports from the World, Launch of IWV2023: Mutual-Learning of Civilizations Starplex, Total Exhibition of IWV2023: Mutual-Learning of Civilizations," scheduled for November 10. With 197 experts and 144 teachers and students in 12 teams, this monumental exhibition stands as a synthesis of diverse perspectives and creative energies, delving into the grand process of the history of civilization within the framework of global cultural exchanges.


The celebratory series also includes "Proposal to Leonardo Da Vinci", the inaugural "Synesthesia and Liberal Arts International Forum", "The Way Is Infinite: Centennial Retrospective Exhibition of Zao Wou-Ki" among various other academic activities.

Source: In Zhejiang