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PROPOSAL TO LEONARDO DA VINCI − Shanghai Science and Art Exhibition/The 7th International Intermedia Arts Festival Kicks Off
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Edited BY:Wei Yuxin

"PROPOSAL TO LEONARDO DA VINCI − Shanghai Science and Art Exhibition/The 7th International Intermedia Arts Festival", the first of a series of events commemorating the 95th anniversary of China Academy of Art (CAA), kicked off at Zhangjiang Science Hall, Shanghai on October 28, 2023. The arts festival is hosted by CAA and Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd and organized by CAA’s School of Intermedia Art (SIMA) and Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Hall Operation Management Co., Ltd.

Gao Shiming, the President of CAA and Chairman of Zhejiang Artists Association; Yuan Tao, the Party Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd; Huang Changyong, the representative of CAA’s fellow academies and the President of Shanghai Theatre Academy; and Min Han, the curator of the event and the Vice Dean of SIMA delivered an address during the inauguration of the event. Gao Shiming, Huang Changyong, Yin Dongmei (Vice Chairman of the University Council at Fudan University), Yuan Tao, Zeng Chenggang (Vice Chairman of the China Artists Association, President of the China Sculpture Institute, and President of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts) and Guan Huaibin, renowned artist Liang Shaoji and CAA professor, officiated the inauguration. Francesco D’Arelli, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Shanghai, as well as Gu Hailong, Vice Chairman of Kuka and Chairman of Chahui lifestyle, and Min Han commenced their collaborative project on Da Vinci’s residence. The opening ceremony was hosted by Xu Yuan, Party Secretary and Vice Dean of SIMA.

Attendees of the opening ceremony included Zhang Zhe, former Director of Publicity, Division of Culture & Publicity at the Consulate General of South Korea in Shanghai; Yu Weiqi, founder of Hantang Culture and Chairman of ART SHANGHAI; Bao Yifeng, co-founder of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair; Liu Jia, Curator of Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum; Qiao Zhibing, Curator of Tank Shanghai; Zeng Yulan, Curator of Shanghai Doland Museum of Modern Art; renowned artist Yang Fudong; leadership from fellow academies; guests from the artworld and media; CAA’s Shanghai alumni, faculty, and heads of administrative departments, as well as teachers and students from SIMA.

PROPOSAL TO LEONARDO DA VINCI—Shanghai Science and Art Exhibition / The 7th International Intermedia Art Festival consists of five exhibition sections and two international academic forums. The five sections are 'Perspective or Worldview: Shanshui as Methodology' Experimental Art Section, 'A Coder and Violin' Open Media Section, 'I Sing the Body Electric: Where is the Soul?' Media Performance Section, 'The Interface Between Humanity and the Universe v3.0' International Aritists Section, 'Battle of Anghiari' Painting Section. The exhibition spans a wide range of artistic types including AI Art, VR/AR/MR Art, Generative Art, Ecological Art, Sci-Fi Art, Video and Painting, encompassing large-scale paintings, spatial video installations, intermedia megastructures, live performance, interactive gaming systems, and Live Coding Cinema, among other media forms. These works are presented by artists from thirteen countries including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Germany, and Russia.

The two international academic forums are ‘New Liberal Arts’ Forum Series Panel 21: Proposal to Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man for the 21st Century and the 8th Annual Conference of Network Society:'Counter-Culture?'Resetting all (im)possibilities of Technology. In addition, the 'AIathon: Art-ificial Intelligence Hackathon' and the live performance event: '20th Anniversary of Sounding Beijing Festival' will send signals across time and space in a more diversified form, gathering Leonardo da Vinci's worldview partners to engage in dialog, discernment and co-construction.

The festival will last through November 13. During these 16 days, SIMA will use the 7th International Intermedia Arts Festival as an avenue to establish an all-new open platform, and through art creation, academic forums, exhibitions, and performances, it aims to rally the creative forces of the current times and beckon Da Vinci to the 21st century where he joins the participants in contemplating the great challenges of contemporary art and technology.

Public Opening Hours: 2023.10.29 - 2023.11.13  9:00-17:30

Address: Zhangjiang Science Hall, 2F, No. 1393 Haike Road, Shanghai, China

Organizers: China Academy of Art, Shanghai Zhangjiang Group

Co-Organizers: School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art, Zhangjiang Science Hall


Advisor: Xu Jiang

Director: Gao Shiming

Exhibition Directors: Li Kaisheng, Guan Huaibin

Curator: Min Han

Co-Curators: Gao Shiqiang, Yao Dajun, Mou Sen, Wu Ziyang

Exhibition Coordinator: Sun Xiaoyu

Executive Curators: Sun Xiaoyu, Cai Yuxiao, Xinge, Mei Yuezi, Lin Canwen, Ni Huaxia, Liu Beining, Yuan Mengru, Zhang Nuoxin, Chen Sifan, Hu Yiyang

Administrative Coordinators: Xu Ying, Zhang Jiale, Zhang Chen, Han Yuan, Zhu Shenjue, Du Runfan

Publicity and Promotion: Zou Ping, Liu Yang

Visual Design: Zhou Zhehui, Han Runze, Li Junyang, Deng Wenjin, Liang Jingyao

Space Design: Luo Xiaonan


 ‘New Liberal Arts’ Forum Series | Panel 21: Proposal to Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man for the 21st Century

2023.11.7  9:00-18:30

Zhangjiang Science Hall, 6F, MIP Space


8th Annual Conference of Network SocietyCounter-Culture? Resetting all (im)possibilities of Technology


Zhangjiang Science Hall, 6F, MIP Space


AIathonArt / Artificial Intelligence Hackathon

2023.11.3-11.5  16:00

Zhangjiang Science Hall, 5F, Room 505, 506, 507, 508


Live Performance20th Anniversary of Sounding Beijing Festival

2023.11.11  19:30-22:00

Zhangjiang Science Hall, 2F, Zhangjiang Hall