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2023 Design Intelligence Award Held at China Academy of Art
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Edited BY:Fang Shuaiyin

The 2023 Design Intelligence Award (DIA) ceremony series events, including an exhibition, a conference, launch of DIU (Design Intelligence Union) Headquarters (Shanghai), and debut of "DIA Project", took place from December 14 to 15 at the Liangzhu Campus of the China Academy of Art (CAA). The series events were hosted by CAA and the Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, co-hosted by the China Industrial Design Association, the Steering Sub-Committee on the Teaching of Industrial Design in Higher Educational Institutions under Ministry of Education, and the Design Industry Innovation Center of CAA, and organized by the DIA Organizing Committee. Themed "Digital and Reality Symbolisis", the 2023 DIA Conference gathered experts, scholars, industry leaders, design elites and guests from all walks of life at home and abroad for keynote speeches and round-table discussions.


On December 15, the 2023 DIA Conference and the opening ceremony of 2023 DIA Exhibition were held in CAA. Jin Yibin, Chairman of the Committee of Academy Affairs of CAA; Gao Shiming, President of CAA; Li Yongwei, Chief Engineer at Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang; Han Xu, Vice President of CAA and Chairman of the DIA Organizing Committee; Hang Jian, Professor at CAA and Member of the DIA Organizing Committee; and Tetsunori NAKAYAMA, toio Business Director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. addressed the conference and the opening ceremony of the exhibition.


Other attendees of the conference and opening ceremony of the exhibition were Xue Kan, Secretary of the CPC Yangpu District Committee; Zhou Ling, Party Secretary of the Commerce Commission; Hu Yuanhui, Party Secretary and Director of the Sports Bureau; Li Guowen, Party Secretary and Director of the Investment Promotion Office; Guan Yuanfa, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Yangpu Binjiang Group; Chen Fenghua, Director of the Health Commission; Cheng Yuanyi, Deputy Director of the Planning and Natural Resources Bureau; Fang Peixin, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of CAA; Xu Guoqiang, Head of the United Front Work Department; Song Jianming, Senior Professor at CAA and Member of Design Intelligence Award Academic Committee; Wang Jian, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of Zhijiang Lab, Founder of Alibaba Cloud, and Chair of Design Intelligence Award Academic Committee; Peter Childs, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Founding Head of the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London; Chi Wing Lo, Founder of DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO Italia; Stefan Sielaff, Vice President of Global Design at Geely Auto Group; Ole Bouman, Founding Director of Design Society; Meghan Preiss, WDO Board Member and Manager of User Experience Design, Delta Air Lines; Lu Tao, Director of the Design Industry Innovation Center and Exhibition Curator at CAA; and, deans of advanced manufacturing research institutes, dean of design Institutes, directors of design, designers and art journalists from all over the world.


DIA is China's first international academic competition in industrial design jointly launched by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province and CAA. With many years of development, DIA has become the most influential industrial design competition in China, which is professional, international and forward-looking, as well as an important platform for the global design community to explore design intelligence.

The 2023 DIA was launched on March 12, 2023 and received more than 7,000 entries from 41 countries and regions. Among the shortlisted works, 43% are from overseas designers, 67% are global debuts, and 30% are pioneering projects in AI, brain-computer interface and lab research. These works, covering the latest industrial ideas and cutting-edge designs from around the world, show a new trend of integrating digital technology and physical industries, a new lifestyle integrating virtuality and reality, and new products of co-evolution of human wisdom and AI, which all spur deeper insights into design, technology and creativity.


The winners are "Healthy Font - Braille Phonetic Font" and "BrainRobotics mini hand". The former, fitted with real-time translation in Chinese braille, encompasses 1,001 living scenarios of the visually impaired in their lifetime. It bridges the language gap by associating the power of design with human vision and touch.  The latter is a combination of AI and individualized programming. It can capture the muscle signal in the stump EMG sensor and convert it into action, going beyond the limitations of physical buttons or joysticks that traditional prosthetic limbs rely on to perform preset gestures. With this intelligent bionic hand, the amputee can intuitively perform the anticipated gestures and movements.