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International Graduates and Their Works: Chen Jiayi
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Edited BY:He Jiabei

I am Chen Jiayi, a Chinese New Zealander. My hometown, New Zealand, is located in the Southern Hemisphere, near Antarctica, with natural landscapes reminiscent of the game Sky: Children of the Light. From a young age, I had heard of the China Academy of Art, a prestigious art institution located in Hangzhou. Seven years ago, I decided to study at CAA’s School of Painting to specialize in oil painting. Although I was exposed to contemporary art and fashion design in New Zealand, I ultimately discovered that my true passion lies in representational painting.


The inspiration for my graduation project comes from Suzhou Kun Opera and the British artist Walter Sickert. Sickert liked to use mirrors to add interest and drama to his paintings, creating many works depicting 19th-century opera stages. Inspired by him, I also hope to use mirrors to reveal another side of Kunqu, offering viewers an intriguing perspective. I am deeply passionate about Suzhou's rich cultural heritage, and the aim of creating this painting is to encourage people to explore China's historic cultural cities and immerse themselves in the abundant intangible cultural heritage.


In the future, I plan to return to New Zealand and use my brush to record the natural scenery and what I see and hear in my spare time. I believe that the knowledge I have learned at CAA and the expanded artistic vision will enable me to create more vibrant oil paintings in my future life!