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International Graduates and Their Works: Yumi Shimizu
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Edited BY:He Jiabei

Hello everyone! I am Yumi Shimizu, a 2024 graduate of the School of Film Art, coming from Kyoto, Japan. Due to my parents work, I frequently transferred schools and traveled from a young age, which sparked my deep interest in travel. In my spare time, I love watching anime and reading manga, which not only brings me endless joy but also ignites my passion for drawing.


During high school, I studied in an international program, living and learning with friends from various countries. These experiences taught me how to interact and communicate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. And they have shaped who I am today, fostering not only my love for film production but also my enthusiasm for exploring the world and understanding different cultures.


The inspiration for my graduation project script came from a video about the Universe 25 rat experiment that I watched with my mother. This experiment demonstrated how rats, in a highly dense environment, gradually moved towards collapse and self-destruction. We noticed similarities between this experiment and modern human society, particularly how stress and loneliness can similarly affect people's behavior and mental states. In my graduation project Universe X 25, I aim to convey the importance of cherishing every emotion we experience. Immersing in negative emotions is not necessarily a bad thing, as it allows us to see our imperfections more clearly and, by accepting these flaws, we can build a stronger, richer self. Meanwhile, we should always hold onto our longing for freedom and a beautiful future. Freedom is not just an external state but an internal spiritual pursuit. As the opening line of my work states, In a girls cuteness lies a yearning for freedom.


The creative process is filled with both joy and pain, and it is through these pains that I continue to grow. Every time I see my work, I feel immense joy and pride. Perhaps this is the true charm of creation!