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Gold Award-winning Works: Guo Pengcheng from the School of Calligraphy
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Edited BY:He Jiabei

Guo Pengcheng, an undergraduate graduate of the School of Calligraphy at China Academy of Art, chose to write the famous poem “Pride of the Fisherman” by the Song Dynasty (AD960-1297) poet Li Qingzhao, known as the greatest female talent in history, for his graduation project. This poem is distinguished by its expansive and grand style, expressing Li Qingzhaos pursuit and longing for an ideal realm, rich in romanticism.


In his creative process, Guo integrated the vigorous and majestic calligraphy style of Ni Yuanlu, a late Ming Dynasty (AD1368-1644) calligrapher. He decided to incorporate Ni Yuanlus techniques into his rendition of Pride of the Fisherman”, but without being confined to Nis distinct brushstroke characteristics and structural forms. Instead, he adapted the shapes of the characters based on their contextual relationships, using the momentum of the brush to develop the characters and letting his emotions dictate the writing rhythm, ultimately completing the work in one continuous flow.


The most well-known line from this poem is Since th Roc ll fly nine myriad li and nine, Would you ask th’ blow To send my boat to th’ Three Isles at a go?”, which resonates deeply with Guo Pengcheng, as his name “Pengcheng” in Chinese implies “a bright future like the roc's flight”. This connection stirred great excitement in him, and while writing the character “”, he elongated the strokes to express his emotions.


On this graduation occasion, Guo hopes to encourage himself through the writing of this poem, aspiring to continue his passion for calligraphy in the future. He aims to soar high and far like the roc, achieving his grand ambitions. His work is not only a tribute to Li Qingzhaos poetry but also a testament to his steadfast commitment to his artistic path and his hopeful vision for the future.

Pride of the Fisherman

Artist: Guo Pengcheng (School of Calligraphy)

Instructor: He Weihao