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Gold Award-winning Works: Shi Xinru from the School of Intermedia Art
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Edited BY:He Jiabei

Shi Xinru, a graduate of the Experimental Art Department at the School of Intermedia Art (SIMA), created a graduation piece that is a video installation centered on the concepts of time and artistic expression, with the keyword being Geographic Legends”. Her inspiration came from the two collapses of a bridge in Hangzhou.


Geographic Legends expands the concept of space, guiding people to think about mysterious spaces beyond the story. In revolutionary cities, historical buildings appear slowly and continuously, making people gradually familiar with various extreme situations, while an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation permeates the environment. This phenomenon serves as a way to re-experience historical spaces, prompting people to ponder what might be encountered in the future.


Her work revolves around the image of the horse, which holds both modern and classical connotations. By deconstructing this image, the piece presents a collection that embodies a timeline. The unique real-world scenes under the historical filter are showcased through elements such as horses, transportation, and human culture. The aim is to strip away the narrative and distill the true essence of time within the work. The entire environment resembles an archaeological site, with more possibilities hidden in the deep voids, piecing together the face of civilization from the existing fragments.


The narrative technique of the work highlights the needs of the publics spiritual life. The role the artist plays in the historical urban context closely links the unreal with the real, providing a new perspective for modern storytelling. The work displays a complex and diverse reality, focusing on modern spiritual life and individual sensory experiences.

Land of Conjunction

Artist: Shi Xinru (School of Intermedia Art)

Instructor: Gao Shiqiang, Zhu Xi