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Gold Award-winning Works: Kuang Weixi, Liang Junpeng, Qian Yi from the School of Design & Innovation
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Edited BY:He Jiabei

The graduation project “Mycelium of All Beings” by Kuang Weixi, Liang Junpeng, and Qian Yi, graduates from the Studio for studying materials and ecological growth at the Research Institute of Science & Creation, CAA’s School of Design & Innovation, won the gold award. This project explores the life forms that human microbiota can shape and delves into the ethical boundaries of human-microbe relationships and the natural potential of human microbiota.


With the development of biotechnology, the boundaries of life forms are becoming increasingly blurred. The iteration of biological materials and the evolution of creation technologies are gradually constructing a broader definition of life forms in society, challenging and influencing traditional cultural perceptions. Against this backdrop, the project “Mycelium of All Beings” was conceived. The inspiration came from certain human microbiota, such as gut bacteria that influence emotions. During the initial design phase, the team researched bacteria that exist in the human body and can produce pigments, which provided references for their subsequent designs and shapes.


In terms of modeling, the team first used algorithms to visualize the shaping abilities of human microbiota. This shaping ability was then applied to different non-natural objects in varying proportions, resulting in a series of 2D graphics. Finally, the team selected 14 representative designs from these graphics for digital modeling and simulated the digital growth process of the microbiota. The central part of the exhibit displayed the 3D printer used in the creation process for subsequent production.


For the microbial dyeing part, the team conducted extensive biological material experiments and consulted microbiology experts. They eventually succeeded in growing a type of bacteria on the model that produced pigments, adding colors and shapes to the model.


This project aims to explore the possibilities of the future, examining the interaction between living organisms and non-human entities, and presenting potential appearances, thus investigating a future possibility for microbiota.

Mycelium of All Beings

Artist: Kuang Weixi, Liang Junpeng, and Qian Yi (School of Design & Innovation)

Instructor: Ma chuan, Xiang Yi