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EDNA Joint Institute, China Academy of Art (NACAA) is the first academic institute established jointly by China Academy of Art (CAA) and L'École de design Nantes Atlantique (EDNA) as per the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education. NACAA has access to both institutions' capabilities in design education. It trains excellent students under an advanced instructional model. Defining itself as an international, interdisciplinary institution that integrates industrial development, education and research, the institute aims to groom world-class designers with a great vision that straddles the native and global, contemporary and future as well as theory and practice.

NACAA capitalizes on a strong partnership between the two institutions with complementarities and draws upon their distinctive capabilities as well as their rich and long experience of international academic partnerships. Supported by excellent local and international educators and experts, and with cutting-edge curricula and professional educational resources, NACAA strives to become a center of excellence that trains contributors to the future society, leads the international creative design, and drives international industry-education-research partnerships. It endeavors to be a new benchmarkfor academic partnerships between Chinese and French institutions.

NACAA distinguishes itself as an international, interdisciplinary institute that integrates industrial development, education, and research. As a design education institution, it aims to groom international creative designers who are progressive, collaborative and equipped with the ability to transcend culture, academic discipline, and industry in their work.

NACAA offers three undergraduate programs: Environmental Design, Product Design , and Art & Technology.