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International College is a branch of CAA whose responsibility is in charge of academic programs for overseas students and international artistic exchanges. Its principal objective is to promote Chinese cultures to the world,encourage international artistic exchanges, and enhance friendship with the rest of the world.

It has three units providing courses of Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, together with Chinese culture and language. Courses in oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, intermedia art, art history, animation, design art and architectural art with degrees and diplomas are available for international students.

First enrollment of overseas students began in 1980.Nearly 4000 international students have studied in the College since then.There are about 700 overseas students currently studying short-term and long-term courses.

They have access to various short-term training courses including Chinese calligraphy and painting and excursions in Chinese culture and art to research the essence of oriental culture.Individualized service is offered to students from different countries, cultures and all walks of life. All foreign friends with interests in Chinese art are welcome.