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The School of Art Administration and Education is an important part of the outstanding group of contemporary Chinese visual culture and art programs offered by China Academy of Art. It is also an essential part of the newly emerging interdisciplinary approach to art education at China Academy of Art.With the School's sense of social responsibility comes the goal of social aesthetic in education and developing in public cultural service system. The school is based on the integration of global multi-cultural realities. The curriculum emphasizes “art intelligence study” as its basic core, emphasizing “method of multi-function” and “study of art and knowledge”. It takes the link between practical art experience and academic research for the path, committed to integrating a compound talents training system with management, education, appreciation, and communication of Chinese contemporary art.

The School has departments of Art Administration, Art Education and Art Appreciation. Its programs now explore the areas of school education, community education, museum education and online art education, as well as Chinese traditional art education and social practice. It is a pilot project site of National Fine Arts Bachelor Courses for Colleges and Universities (teacher training). Through the School of Administration and Education, CAA is connected to renowned universities and the International Council of Museums and the Association of Arts Administration Educators throughout China and the world.