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The School of Continuing Education is a secondary school of China Academy of Art, which includes adult continuing education, advanced studies program, teacher training and distance education. The school has evolved through several name changes - CAA Adult Education Division, CAA College of Adult Education, and CAA College of Further Education- since the establishment of “CAA Adult Education Institute” was approved by the Ministry of Culture. The School has been keeping the fine tradition and academic ideal of connecting to the academic wellspring of CAA. Based on the strong faculty of CAA, the school perfects the platform of adult education and builds a famous brand of arts and design training nationally.

The school runs adult education division, advanced studies division, teacher & job training division, digital interaction education division, masters’ studio, and community education management division. The school offers mainly adult education (top-up program, junior college, etc.), advanced student education, teacher training, distance education, CAA students employability training and custom-order course, etc. The school provides several majors for adults such as fine arts department, traditional Chinese painting department, calligraphy department, visual communication design department and architecture and environmental design department, which includes majors such as Chinese calligraphy and painting (figure, landscape, flowers-and-birds painting), oil painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, illustration and book design, multimedia art, fashion design, interior design, environmental design, landscape design, furniture design, display space design and comic art.

The advanced studies division provides courses like calligraphy, landscape, flowers-and-birds painting, figure painting, mineral color painting, landscape design, mosaic craft, traditional carve, appreciation and collection, oil painting, ceramics and display design, which have won popularity around the industry. The school has implemented a brand-new pattern of management and development during the transformation period, and will keep being guided by the academic principle of ‘a multifaceted approach to learning, seeking harmony through diversity’, and will practice the ‘integration of quality and knowledge, of craft and theory, of ancient and contemporary, of Chinese and foreign’ ideal. The goal of the school is to absorb advantages from everywhere, to pursue excellence, to improve the level of teaching and management, to perfect the courses, to strive for cultivating elites with abundant knowledge, outstanding skills and innovative minds.