School of
Design & Innovation
School of Visual Communication (In preparation)
School of Fashion Design (In preparation)
School of Industrial Design (In preparation)

School of Design&Innovation is located in Liangzhu campus of CAA, focusing on innovative design discipline, which is integrated with art, design and commerce. It has three majors including art and technology, industrial design and digital media art. It opens up a new mechanism of combing talents, teaching, management and education. It aims for developing a “New Bauhaus”based on big data, and intelligent media, with the ideology of “facing the future, society, reform and integration”to make a pool of global resources on design education.

A student will have a four-year undergraduate study offered by the school of design&innovation, among which two year is spent in acquiring discipline knowledge and the other two year is spent in research institutes.

The school has five research institutes namely Research Institute of Society & Strategy, Research Institute of Media & Interaction Design,Research Institute of Enterprise & Prospect,Research Institute of Science & Creation and Research Institute of Intelligence & Systematics with core value of bringing up students’ aesthetics, independent thinking on social issues, learning capability of technology and innovative ability.